Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon ★★★★★

it’s just like, one of the biggest movies, I’ve ever seen, it’s cinema on an absolute colossal scale. we sit with the absolute flattening, total loss that comes from greed and the disgusting things a person is capable of doing to try and have more. 

I don’t have words for that ending, it feels kind of beyond language or my own capacity. I keep thinking about the act of recording, and memory and how in the first half of the film we see so many photographs being taken and the way I mourned their absence.

I keep thinking about how capitalism is spoken of like a force of nature, that there is something in the land designed to be taken, that there is a natural order in eliminating a people in order to take control of that.  That when we call something forgotten we often did the erasing.

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