Room ★★★★★

'Room' was a movie that made me hold my breath in anticipation, wipe away tears and try to still my pounding heart. This film had great cinematography and directing backing up some even better story, and acting.
The acting from Brie Larson was, as always, fantastic. The emotion and authenticity that she preformed with allowed me to fully be submerged in the story of 'Room'. I can only imagine the difficulties and responsibility behind portraying a character such as Ma and Brie Larson absolutely did it justice. Jacob Tremblay cannot be overlooked in this review either. This actor did an absolutely amazing job of once again portraying a character that would be hard to study and hard to understand what he is going through. The chemistry between the two accompanied with the realness and emotion really made the movie exceptional.
It never felt too long or drawn out, and the whole time I was wanting more.
I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.