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  • 6 Balloons

    6 Balloons


    A reasonable runtime to support this movie's unreasonable antics. Turns out "charming-addict-brother" is a very good role for Dave Franco, and Jacobson acquits herself better than I could've expected, but the way in which the script attempts to escalate the stakes feels clumsy and uneared. Particularly dumb, rather offensive depiction of a hellish urban environment in the scene that finds Jacobson trying to score heroin for her brother. Bad adn unnecessary either way, but also, a middle class white dude would not go buy his heroin at a Mad Max- looking homeless camp.

  • The Misandrists

    The Misandrists


    God bless Bruce LaBruce. The movie we actually need now.

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    I love the attention to detail in this movie, the small touches and considered nuances that really flesh out this world, like the white board that John Krasinski has had up for over a year that says some shit like

    Medical Supplies
    Sound proof



  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    God, this ranks up there with Personal Shopper in terms of movies that absolutely dunk on my existence. Continuing to give Shopper the edge cuz its a little gentler in critquing my pathetic fallability.

    I wish I could save the world. I wish I could tear us out of the existentially horrifying future we constructed for ourselves. I wish I could do all of this and forge a meaningful romantic relationship. Its all particularly depressing because these desires seem so…