Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★½

Realized that Under the Silver Lake was probably riffing on this and also that it was December so Patrick and I watched.

Kubrick does a great job conjuring how it feels to be running around New York late at night - the spontaneity, danger, eroticism, mystery and intrigue one can just happen upon here, not to mention the added layer of transgressive excitement attached to stepping out on a significant other, and in turn domesticity and "normalcy". There are broader, "universal" ideas at play here, but its such a great NYC movie. The thrill of this city comes from the immediacy in which it is able to bring together (and pit against) the influential of the world, and Kubrick seizes upon that tension elegantly. One can be wealthy but not wealthy enough, one can be wealthy enough but not interesting or pretty enough, and so on. Its a literal depiction of clout chasing, as conducted by a man who understands how to be valuable to society, but will never be valued.

One could remake this, but about Raya or trying to get upstairs at Cipriani, but Kubrick's take, while more opaque than those approaches would be, is the more impactful, timeless one.