Gemini Man ★★★★½

Great companion piece to Hulk, uses popular genre format to make a return towards a type of melodrama audiences might otherwise reject (although, funnily enough both movies were more or less rejected by audiences anyway). Father/son conflict/trauma spun out into a battle with one’s own self - or potential selves , each one hollower , meaner and more uncanny than the last. In the end an alliance must be struck with the past self (which in the context of this movie is representative of the future simultaneously), and the film becomes as much about locating humanity in its characters as it is about relocating humanity in the cinematic machine, finding new ways forward without losing human spirit. As well as all that, Lee builds out some of the most breath taking action sequences , of well... they’re sort of unparalleled. This movie is way far out ahead of just about anything else from 2019.

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