How High ★★½

Very nearly a good movie, but much like Dude, Where's My Car? this has that 2000's approach to studio comedy where, like, there's just gotta be a couple racial caricatures, a healthy dose of misogyny, etc.

Otherwise, a movie about Method and Red scamming Harvard's admissions process (via supernatural blunts) and going on to prove that their gatekeeping is more racist/classist than merit based, is a movie for me! Also love movie's with earnestly embraced pseudo science. Much like Zac Efron's ability to manipulate an audience's heart rate through the power of his sick beats, Method Man has a strain of weed for every occasion - Aphrodisiac weed, truth serum weed, weed that summons ghosts, etc. Very potent stuff!

Amazing/bizarre Spalding Gray cameo in a scathing bit coming at white African American studies professors. Its Vicious!