Haven't been this inclined to walk out of a movie in a long while, profoundly tedious stuff, just fucking drips along. Hereditary is likely the worse movie, but I recall that one holding my attention for the duration of the film.

Clearly constructed to generate marketable talking points that will eventually make up the meme-ified discourse Aster caters to so well:

"uhhh, yea, might think twice before i book my swedish vacation !!"
"tfw u have a bad trip lol"
"Ari brings the scares even in day light!"
"Its lowkey actually a fairy tale"
"the ending is actually lowkey cathartic"
*some sort of phony story about witnessing a couple fighting over whether or not Jack Reynor is a bad guy*

Even Ari's announcement that his next film will be a comedy feels like a disingenuous play for headlines. This is a guy that thinks easter eggs are foreshadowing (why in the world would these dudes have an apartment full of scarecrow ephemera?), and that making yr camera flip upside down is Cinematography. Cinema's history is dotted with any number of con men and hucksters, but rarely have they been this vapid and tired.

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