Possessor ★★★

A fairly pleasant surprise after the very goofy Anti-Viral (all those years ago). The visualizations he’s created to represent the possessing process are truly impressive, abstract works - Cronenberg could maybe very well do something non-narrative successfully i think! 

Couple things hold this back though - really not fond of Riseborough and Abbott here, especially the latter, i really dont like that Chris only seems to act in this register now. Hes doing James White / Charlie when he got hooked on heroin again... why’s that? 
And, while there are specific moments of genuine visual spectacle, the general visual aesthetic is this gray, wavering handheld work. Its pretty uninspired and ends up muting some otherwise exciting moments of color in the film. 

Frustrating to have something get so close and yet come up short in such glaring ways. Kind of a frustrating ending too ... but i did in fact like it lol ! Does the high concept horror thing real well and isnt pleased with itself for it.