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  • The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant


    I sparsely remember watching this movie as a young kid, and had yet to revisit it to form a more articulate opinion of it. I remember the basic premise of a boy and his robot and the military effort to capture and destroy said robot.

    As a child, there was no way the more mature themes of pacifism and anti-violence would truly stick. But this movie presents them in a way that even a young mind can at least take…

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    With the original being my favorite film from Pixar, I allowed myself to have semi-high expectations for this. Brad Bird returning as writer and director, after a brief stint in the realm of live action, was a hopeful sign, and the story picking up immediately after the events of the first was a strange but alluring choice.

    Overall, I adored this film, despite a good number of nits to pick. There are two tiny moments that bothered me, one in…

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  • Hereditary


    Despite the unfortunate disrespect of my fellow ticket-paying theater-goers, this was a deeply affecting horror masterwork. The incessive talking of the man seated next to me was shushed multiple times by the commanding tension of this film. The Dude Bros that couldn't help but laugh at this movie were probably just coping with their fears.

    Hereditary's unrelenting quest to avoid cheap scares is weaponized as unnerving suspense, as we have been conditioned to expect such moments of release (jump, scream,…

  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    My favorite Pixar film, and upon revisit, tough to not give it a perfect score. Even the dated animation still holds up. Everything about this film is.... incredible.

    It's bigger than a cartoon made for kids. This an enthralling action movie that pulls inspiration from James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones, and even Watchmen. When it references these films, it does so with class and subtlety. In fact, many of the action sequences in this are more inventive than anything…