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  • Halloween



    An unfocused attempt to fuse the simplistic artistic genius of the 1978 original and all the modern genre conventions it inspired.

    This film has moments of outright brilliance, most of which are very tasteful nods to that first film, but I was left wanting more. We honestly don't get enough time with JLC's Laurie, now an aged, paranoid, nervous woman ready to fight back at all costs. The story deviates way too much from this core journey, and it seldom…

  • Minding the Gap

    Minding the Gap


    From the sweeping, soaring shots gliding behind the skateboarders, to the intricate editing work and the subjects' willingness to really open up, this documentary excels on nearly every level.

    This film is partially a gorgeous trick montage, but quickly begins to dive so deep in to the lives of the three main characters, one of them being the director and cinematographer himself, Bing Liu. His dilignce to film his life throughout the years pays off gloriously in this film, as…

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  • Halloween



    Despite some bad acting and a couple corny death scenes, I am still spooked as fuck.

    I'm looking over my shoulder walking to my car and around my house. I'm shuddering just picturing that mask.

    A masterpiece and undeniable trendsetter. And that terrifying theme music. Hwoof.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    This was stressful as hell. John Krasinski pulls heavily from the Hitchcock handbook to build suspense, not relying on cheap jump scares. I would have loved to have had a completely silent audience, but that's just a rare luxury these days. People are still gonna look at their damn phones, and make hushed comments to their friends. I did appreciate the one girl in the theater who aggressively shushed a loud asshole twice. I think Krasinski crafted a film that…