2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★


Caught this masterpiece in IMAX. Not full IMAX, but still impactful as hell. My only complaint was the sound mix was slightly out of sync and too loud.

Other than that, it was a transcendent viewing experience from start to finish (even with an intermission!).

Kubrick's work here is decades ahead of its time, and still leaves you just as perplexed as it must have left audiences in 1968.

I love the slow, meticulous pacing. Kubrick is so deliberate with those painfully drawn-out takes, and the building tension makes it so effective. And the set design is so exquisite, coupled with the revolutionary effects work, that you can totally see why people really think Kubrick faked the moon landing.

The final stargate sequence is mesmerizing, and kept giving me flashes of Twin Peaks The Return episode 8. So gorgeous and terrifying at the same time.

This was only my second time seeing this, but now immediately want to revisit it. Seeing it on the big screen just felt so right.