A Star Is Born ★★★★

Things I loved about this film:
- The performances. Gaga is phenomenal. The way she can act while she sings is beyond impressive and effective. Cooper is perhaps the best he's ever been. Sam Elliott is outstanding.
- The music. Tears.
- The shot composition and cinematography.
- The drag queens.
- Cooper's direction. Smooth, dynamic, and somehow effortless.

Things that didn't quite work:
- Some of the narrative logic is messy. The passage of time isn't communicated well. Certain things fall apart when trying to figure out how much time the couple has been together.
- At times I didn't quite buy their romantic chemistry as well as I bought Gaga's desire for artistic fulfillment and Cooper's alcoholism struggle. And to that point, the "pop is bad" subplot was never realized or paid off, ultimately just playing right into the drinking/rehab plot.

Overall, I loved the film despite some flaws. The concert scenes alone are worth the ticket. The story is a bit shaky, but Cooper delivers a beautiful film full of stunning performances (minus the British record label guy, sorry dude).