Christopher Robin ★★★

Cristopher Robin Is A Very Busy Man With Very Important Papers.

This movie is tonally disparate in trying to balance the family/work plot with the Hundred Acre Wood gang. I loved pretty much everything with Pooh and Eeyore, but I was bumbed that the crew got such little screentime.

Ewan MacGregor did a solid job, but I just rolled my eyes way too many times trying to care about what's supposed to be the emotional core of CR's struggle to be present for his wife and daughter while worrying about his very important luggage company.

The film does have a very sweet message of prioritizing your loved ones. There's plenty to take away from this, despite the film's inability to truly appeal to children. It would have to be focused around the Hundred Acre Wood gang in order for that approach to work for me. They were barely in the film as it is.

That being said, I really enjoyed Pooh, with his aloofness and simplistic wisdom. I laughed so much during the first act London/train station sequence. And Eeyore with his hilariously brutal honesty. He was my spirit animal, and to be honest, practically stole the movie. There was one moment with him that actually got to me.

Overall, this movie has some good moments of touching emotion, but its attempts at grounding CR mostly fall flat. That gorgeous red sweater vest at the end couldn't even save it. Maybe I would have told the story strictly from Pooh's perspective. I dunno. Not terrible, but mostly forgetable.

Favorite Poohism:
I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been.