Incredibles 2 ★★★★½

With the original being my favorite film from Pixar, I allowed myself to have semi-high expectations for this. Brad Bird returning as writer and director, after a brief stint in the realm of live action, was a hopeful sign, and the story picking up immediately after the events of the first was a strange but alluring choice.

Overall, I adored this film, despite a good number of nits to pick. There are two tiny moments that bothered me, one in the very final scene, and one towards the middle, where an entire hallway's worth of reisdents exit their doors in immediate unison after a fire alarm is pulled.

But that's about it. I thoroughly and sincerely adored this movie from start to finish, and marveled at its creativity in its action setpieces and ambition in its heady social commentary. There are concepts and themes in this that are simply too complex for young children, but I will always appreciate and applaud Pixar for exposing young minds to intellectual and important topics.

This is one of the most ambitious and impressive "kid's movies" I have ever seen, with action scenes matching and sometimes topping anything Marvel has done (just like the first movie).

There were a couple instances when I felt like the plot was juggling too much, and losing its own narrative thread with an excess of themes, but the film never lost me. I don't think it's better than the first just because it's trying to accomplish more, making it inherently less refined and more clunky. But I admire it for that. There's a bit more sprawl in this with an effect of less depth than the first.

Loved Bob Odenkrik of course, and was hoping for more Edna (my favorite).

Also! The goddamn score! was! INCREDIBLE!

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