Iron Man ★★★★

Caught this in IMAX for the MCU 10th anniversary fest they're doing. I hadn't seen this movie in a while. It doesn't hold up 100%, but it's still a hell of a fun time.

More than fun however, this film is impressive in how much it manages to set up for the character of Tony Stark, and the MCU as a whole. The slight themes of legacy ring true as ever looking at this ten years on, and RDJ's performance mirrors his own life story, going from disgraced addict to mega-successful idol and hero.

I loved all the scenes between him and Paltrow, as they serve as the real core of this film. They ground the story in a very tangible way, and have true chemistry.

Also, Tony is depicted in a very sexual way, almost to fault when viewed with a 2018 lens. Disney has pretty much completely desexualized all its Marvel heroes, so it was a bit weird to see how different the first film in the saga approached this.

You can also link the violence here to this same point. In this film, there's some blood, and the action has a real weight to it. As much as I loved Infinity War, I couldn't help but find many of the action scenes in it a bit weightless and airy. Here, while the VFX don't quite hold up, there's a real tactitility, grit, and realism all the action, particularly all the stuff in the cave.

Oh yeah, the MCU started with a dude building a metal suit from scraps in a CAVE. Damn.