Ocean's Twelve ★★★★

Yo this movie is actually really really dope. I can't believe I had forgotten it almost entirely. It's not as good as the first one, but the best thing about it is it's never trying to emulate it.

This movie is heavily inspired by French and Italian cinema, primarily in its handheld camerawork, stylized zooms, and soundtrack. The locales are gorgeous, but not gratuitous, and the story is highly subversive in terms of what you expect coming off the first film.

Rewatching this gave me even more of an appreciation for Steven Soderbergh, an unmatched talent who is quite possibly criminally underrated at this point. He took the campiness, flair, and charisma of the first film and coated it thick with layers of European naturalism. It doesn't necessarily make for a better or more enjoyable film, but it's certainly more artistic, risky, and admirable.

Loved Andy Garcia's evil guy cane, Matt Damon's meta attempts to be one of the top dogs, and everything about Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones. Also, the weird angles, soft focuses, slow pacing, somber tones, and beautiful French/Italian soundtrack.

This movie is SO DIFFERENT than Ocean's Eleven. Really appreciated that, even though it doesn't top the triumph that is that first film.

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