Outlaw King ★★★½

This is a bleak and brutal film that is elevated by a few great performances and some outstanding directing work from David Mackenzie.

The high production budget pays off in the numerous gory battles, fights, and kills, as well as the sets, costumes, and gorgeous shooting locations.

However, the characters feel a bit too flat for us to care about their journeys, and the dialogue is painfully simple, uninspired, and exposition-laden, save for a few key scenes. The three main actors: Chris Pine, Florence Pugh, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson all put in high-quality work, rising way above their given lines. Pine's Scottish accent isn't great, but it's not distracting either. Taylor-Johnson gives us a truly nutso crazy face.

Overall, I would recommend this movie if you're okay with watching a ton of morbid onscreen death (including horses). It's worth it for its depiction of war-torn 14th century Scotland and some quality performances. Plus, the film opens with a tremendous 10 minute continuous long take that perfectly sets the tone of what's to come.