Ready Player One ★★★½

I really enjoyed this.

Can't say it's a great movie, but it's damn entertaining and so well directed. Action sequences are clear and engaging due to the low amount of cuts and expert camera movement/placement. So much of this movie relies on visual effects, that it desperately needs that clarity/cohesion. Spielberg nails it.

Arguably better than the book, as it tones down the excessive references/trivia in favor of a couple of more classy moments. Although, that doesn't mean such eye-rolling 'members are totally omitted. There's plenty of that, but it's never offensive or mean-spirited.

A well-directed, crowd-pleasing video game adventure that lightly touches upon more serious themes, such as the eeire depths of technology. I can't blame people for hating on this for its "pandering pastiche" (thx AA Dowd), but don't feel like you're wrong for enjoying this. It isn't hurting anyone. Sometimes movies can be fun.