Searching ★★★½

John Cho carries this surprisingly effective thriller from start to finish. I went into this film with little to no expectations. I dismissed the initial trailers. But I gotta admit, I was very impressed. I was totally engrossed and invested in this film, and am curious to see how far they can take this new screen-POV genre.

I'm not sure how well this movie will hold up to multiple viewings, or even on a smaller screen at home (ironically). I just really appreciate the originality and creative approach here. Cho's performance as a distressed father hunting for his missing daughter really drove it home for me. The central mystery is quite simple on paper, but greatly benefits from this unique take. There's plenty of interesting directorial choices and attention to detail throughout, keeping you continually engaged.

This film takes quite a few twists and turns in its third act, but they all feel earned. The story isn't anything special, and the dialogue can be a bit clunky, but the "screencap" approach really elevates it. Plus, I saw it in a packed theater, and everyone was super into it. Would recommend!

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