The Incredibles ★★★★½

My favorite Pixar film, and upon revisit, tough to not give it a perfect score. Even the dated animation still holds up. Everything about this film is.... incredible.

It's bigger than a cartoon made for kids. This an enthralling action movie that pulls inspiration from James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones, and even Watchmen. When it references these films, it does so with class and subtlety. In fact, many of the action sequences in this are more inventive than anything Marvel has ever put together.

The story is intricately plotted, and Syndrome's motivation is sound and understandable (minus the murdering, of course). The main characters are all layered and dynamic, and undergo some sort of change or transformation by the end of the film. Bob's mid-life crisis is magnified by his superpowers, and he learns to be a better and more present father and husband. Hellen is the classic selfless mom (she literally envelops herself around her children to save their lives) that learns to appreciate and embrace her own individuality. Dash learns to be less cocky and aggressive, and Violet comes out of her shell. It's pretty standard stuff, but this film executes it all flawlessly.

The humor is top-notch (I fucking LOVE Edna Mode), as is the commentary on and homage to comic books and super heroes. Brad Bird made not just thrilling action movie, but a touching and emotional family story that isn't afraid to get serious and real while still juggling all the superhero antics. All the themes of aging, legacy, and parenting are woven seamlessly in with the action superhero stuff. I could go on and on. I love this movie! I can't image Incredibles 2 being better, but I can't help but have high hopes.