They Came Together ★★★★

I know I gave this film 4/5 stars, but this is a modern masterpiece. The one-star knock is just due to how outright stupid so much of it is.

But that's part of the brilliance of this gem. Like Wain's 2000 opus Wet Hot American Summer this film relies on established genre conventions on which to build its jokes and layered parody. It revels in the stupidity of the films it is riffing on by augmenting and exaggerating it.

I discovered this film about 4 years ago, and proceeded to rewatch it over and over and over. It is endlessly enjoyable and quotable. Paul Rudd's wacky faces and Amy Poehler's charm are a perfect blend, as are the extended cast of cameos and supporting players that all get their moment to act as dumb and oblivious as possible. Christopher Meloni's Halloween costume bit might be my personal favorite. I always lose it.

This is one of those rare occasion where a movie can be so stupid it is actually genius, simply because everything about it is a joke. It is built on the pillars of the romantic comedy genre and both subverts and lampoons all your expectations of every minute beat down to the smallest possible detail. I guess all it's missing is a musical number finale.

I love the line delivery, the absurdity, and at times and surrealism of it all. One of the great films of our time.