Widows ★★★★

Acting Olympics 2018

This film excels in exactly what I wanted it to: a stacked ensemble flexing their talent in a heist genre, led by a masterful director with bold creativity behind the camera. There is so much to love in all of these performances, and McQueen manages to layer them with thoughtful themes, brutal action, and entertaining flair.

There are two main story-lines here. One about a local Chicago election, and the central one about the titular widows taking on the heist their husbands left unfinished. The way these two plot-lines overlap and mesh is sparse and clunky, but McQueen manages to (mostly) stick the landing. Frankly, this film is a bit bloated at times, and with such a crowded cast, the pacing suffers, particularly in the middle third.

Despite some cliche/predictable dialogue and scenarios, and a couple shoehorned "this is America" moments, this film really worked for me. The actors are all absolutely owning it, and sell the sub-par script effortlessly and with added fireworks.

This is an easy film to recommend. An exhilarating heist film infused with some real character drama and social themes of femininity and government corruption. Many of the plot contrivances come down as convoluted, and the script is relatively weak throughout, but the excellent performances are what make this a great, truly entertaining film.

Could've used more Coon.