Wild Wild Country ★★★★

It looks like this will not qualify for an Oscar, as after OJ: Made In America won, the Academy created a new rule barring multi-part docs from nomination. What a shame, because this would effortlessly win, I'm sure.

Not only is this perfectly crafted in terms of editing, lighting, music, etc, but the interviews the directors were able to get out of the subjects are unbelievable. Truly. It's hard to immediately be convinced that all of this is real and in no way fabricated or exaggerated. That's what makes this so damn good. It's effectively great TV -- entertaining, engaging and dramatic -- but the story told is so insane and outrageous, that you start to wonder why this is the first time most of us are hearing about any of this. Perhaps it is a product of its time, when information wasn't spread worldwide in a matter of seconds.

I highly recommend everyone watches this, it is W I L D.