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This review may contain spoilers.

Just caught this for the first time. Charilze Theron is so good, it's not even fair. She outacts everyone in this, although I was glad to see Patton Oswalt. Patrick Wilson is just fine as the overly polite (and enabling?) Buddy.

Diablo Cody's script is darkly humorous throughout, with earned dives into tragedy and cringe. There are a few moments of forced dialogue and spelled out character motivations, but they're performanced very well by the actors.

I loved the pedicure/manicure beauty montages, very effective in conveying the intertwined vanity and coping mechanisms of Theron. She plays Mavis as a nearly psychotic killer, just about to spring loose and start slicing people. That'd be a very different film, however. The fact that the character never quite goes overboard, but constantly makes you expect her to, is very admirable filmmaking.

Overall, really entertaining, but pretty frustrating in both good and bad ways. Mostly good. Definitely worth it just to see Theron's excellent performance and her go skin to skin with Patton Oswalt. One of the cringiest and most predicable scenes in the film, handled with such grace.