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  • The Square

    The Square

    yess a mastapiece,

    just fucks with you and unfucks you and then fucks you again on so many levels.

    every scene sets out to boggle you and raise all those icky itchy unanswerable questions and embarrassing shit you choose not to see in the mirror. and on top of that every scene is also fucking *hilarious*, not even in a smarmy art film way like actually laugh out loud, clever humour. It's one of those films that exists on that…

  • A Fantastic Woman

    A Fantastic Woman

    A lot more effevtive on the second watch

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Now I am less tired I'll do an actual lil bit of writing to explain myself.

    Edgar Wright needs to make a Toonami cartoon.
    "Baby Driver" fits nicely into a space of movies that seem to be more and more frequent - especially with the release of "La La Land" last year. The category is really hard to describe, they're kind of like parodies but without the blunt self-reference; kind of like throwbacks but revamped and infused with modern culture…

  • Saturation


    Long as fuck but so inspiring. Brockhampton exemplify what art in 2017 should look like, just a complete unshackling socially and creatively.
    I love that it starts in a dark bedroom and ends at a performance to thousands, really shows the meteoric rise the group's found.
    Seeing their excitement and energy when making STAR almost made me cry.