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  • The Merchant of Venice

    The Merchant of Venice

    Plain, essentially, and watched solely because I have not read Merchant of Venice and I need to have read Merchant of Venice for tomorrow. But, some positive points:
    1) I'm not sure how much is interpreted into this version and how much is written but I enjoyed the moral complexity and greyness here. I also liked the focus on finance as some sort of overarching designer of people's fates: it seemed that all aspects ended up playing into money and…

  • Night Moves

    Night Moves

    Earthly consequences, action and reaction.
    My first Reichardt and my conclusion is that I need to see a lot more Reichardt cos this was fucking incredible. Absolutely adored it, Night Moves thoroughly fucked me up - I get there will be confusion with the ending but for me it spoke volumes and stirred me deeply. Actual 10/10 i am buzzing/shaken

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  • Saturation


    Long as fuck but so inspiring. Brockhampton exemplify what art in 2017 should look like, just a complete unshackling socially and creatively.
    I love that it starts in a dark bedroom and ends at a performance to thousands, really shows the meteoric rise the group's found.
    Seeing their excitement and energy when making STAR almost made me cry.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Now I am less tired I'll do an actual lil bit of writing to explain myself.

    Edgar Wright needs to make a Toonami cartoon.
    "Baby Driver" fits nicely into a space of movies that seem to be more and more frequent - especially with the release of "La La Land" last year. The category is really hard to describe, they're kind of like parodies but without the blunt self-reference; kind of like throwbacks but revamped and infused with modern culture…