Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★★★

I don't really know how films like "Lost in Translation" exist - it's beauty is extraordinary.
Going over the perfection of craft in this movie doesn't seem to do it justice, but I think I can try and explain how it feels.
It's that ennui you feel more often than you'd like but against a nocturnal dream of glittering fuzziness.
It's the gentleness and awkwardness of first hellos and final goodbyes.
It's when you've spent a night with people you love and you sit on your way home as the street lights rush by outside the window and you're still half-drunk and you're sad and happy all at once.
It's not the want for love but the want for what life is all about: that fleeting moment where every barrier crumbles and the noise falls away and there is a single, ineffable spark of connection.
It's when not one part of that spark is lost in translation.

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