Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★½

Black Christmas is a MESS. Going in I fully expected it to be bad, all of the trailers have been pretty rough and the buzz is terrible. I don’t think I hated it quite as much as most but it’s most certainly not good. Our lead, Imogene Poots is by far and away the best thing in the movie. She’s doing the most with what she’s given. Everyone else, as far as the other girls, are alright. All of the males in the film are pretty terrible acting wise. I did jump once so I guess that’s more than other recent horror flicks (I’m looking at you Countdown). The biggest problem with this film is that it deals with some deep issues and the way it handles these things at times comes off very insensitive and offensive. Overall, Black Christmas isn’t a complete waste of time. Just don’t expect a horror film.

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