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  • DC Showcase: Death

    DC Showcase: Death


    Poignant, moving, and decidedly mature. Probably my favorite DC Animation piece since The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Underwater



    Listen, I love sci-fi, I love horror, I like Kristen Stewart, and I hate the ocean, so I was already predisposed to liking this thing. Helps that the supporting cast is solid (with one glaring exception). A fun, dumb-yet-effective riff on claustrophobic thrillers like Alien and The Descent.

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  • Halloween



    My first "Twitter watch-along" experience. Don't know how I feel about that whole enterprise, but I know how I feel about this movie: it rules. Fun, engaging characters, somewhat uncomfortable explorations of trauma, and a (pun intended) barn burner of a final act that gives me chills every time Judy Greer says, "Gotcha."

  • Yesterday



    Pleasant, bubbly, a bit dull. Lily James is good, no surprise there. Weird that Danny Boyle directed this-- feels like Richard Curtis could have done it himself, and maybe wanted to?