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This review may contain spoilers.

I think I get it. I can't really find anywhere else on the internet confirming it though. I even tried to go to Greek Wikipedia and google translate it into English but it doesn't seem to be on there.

Can anyone help me out by commenting on this review? Am I right in thinking that the main character was actually faking having the amnesia to get away from his grieving life? The clues being:
- him watching something about the programme on TV at the start as well as banging his head on the wall,
- him returning to the same flat at the end, I assume (though I didn't rewind to confirm),
- and a few times where he showed his actual memory: (a) recognising the dog, (b) knowing the song, (c) telling the truth about his wife being dead, apparently confirmed by visiting the grave near the end, (d) him not being comfortable with some of the tasks he was assigned, particularly the ones involving personal intimacy, or the way that Anna (an actual amnesiac) did them.

I have to say I was expecting something quite different; I thought surely the scientists were using these people for some nefarious purposes. Or maybe they were, but he got out before he had to do his first violent act (attacking someone who was treating someone badly). The strange tasks they had them do, e.g. crashing cars, and the vaguely sinister & proprietary way they were towards the amnesiacs was never really explained (except as being part of a vaguely surrealist world), and I wasn't quite happy with that choice. It brought my rating down to 3.5. Though it's definitely had me thinking ever since. So maybe upon reflection I'll kick it up to 4.

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