Mean Girls

This movie is a lot of nostalgia for me because me, my dad, and my sister used to watch this a lot. I used to love this movie and  I still do and it really hit home for me because I used to see girls treat each other this way and I am a guy. This movie looked like utter crap to me but when I watched it I had a hard time going a full month without watching it again. This movie may be a bit of a guilty pleasure but with a great cast like this it’s hard not to love. I mean this movie has Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, and Lizzy Caplin. 2 Future stars and 2 already fabulous stars who used to kill it on SNL. If you are either scared to see this cause it looks bad or you are planning on seeing it then slap yourself in the face and watch it already cause this movie is so fetch.