Captain Marvel ★★★½

Definitely a subversion of expectations. Despite claims to the contrary, this does not follow that standard Marvel formula. And it does not force feed feminism as so many tiny-dicked whiney white boys would have you believe. The message is pretty universal and not really all that political. That said, I do feel like this was just filler for Endgame and maybe that’s just my excitement for that film taking precedence over fully enjoying this one. And there’s a lot to enjoy here, don’t get me wrong: the Skrulls, Goose and Fury, seeing Agent Coulson again - even if it’s just a glorified cameo. The beautiful relationship between Carol, Maria and Monica. It’s just kinda not enough? Felt the same with Ant-Man and the Wasp too. Oh well. Just a few more weeks to go until the main event.

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