Ready or Not ★★★★

The last couple weeks I’ve been in a really deep depression, brought upon by pressure at work and general overthinking which causes me to spiral deep into a seemingly endless pit of self-hatred, feelings of loneliness and yes, the odd (maybe not so odd) desire to and thought of die/dying. I booked this movie and a couple others several times to just try and escape myself, but ended up cancelling and just staying at home and wallowing. I had a really good week this week though!

I feel a lot better tonight than I did last Friday, so why not see a movie? Ready Or Not probably shouldn’t have been my first choice, but I’m kinda glad it was. It’s totally fucked up, but in a fun way. There aren’t many original ideas out here anymore, especially in the thriller/horror arena, and this was a refreshing experience. Unsavory optics aside (rich family killing their hired help as a running gag - yikes), I enjoyed it. Who doesn’t feel that way about their in-laws, right?

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