• Robot Dreams

    Robot Dreams

    I’m trying to figure out if the dog and robot were in love or if this was strictly platonic cause the way they was grabbing each others pinkies on the beach… 

    Anyway, very wholesome and colorful and nearly brought me to tears.

  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two

    I can’t believe there was a time when I doubted this story was worth my time. Denis Villeneuve has a singular vision, a laser focus control that is unrivaled. He’s taken the hero’s journey and turned it on its head to instead watch a man become perhaps the villain in his own story. Such a departure from where I personally thought this was going when Part One ended. It was so funny to sit there as people cheered while the lights went down, only for us to sit through almost three hours of one of the bleakest blockbuster sequels ever made.

  • Looking: The Movie

    Looking: The Movie

    Binged the first two seasons of the show after being recommended by a friend. When the second season finale finished, I thought the series had met a premature end. This movie neatly wraps up the story, but I cant help but feel like the ending is a bit unearned. That’s not to say I’m unhappy with the ending, quite the contrary. And not saying it’s necessarily the fault of the writers; they had to tie up probably a third and fourth season in an hour and half. Just wish they’d have been some more time.

  • Argylle


    One of the ugliest movies I’ve ever seen. Everything looks like it was shot on a green screen. Treats the audience like they’re idiots, with twists just for the sake of twisting. Offensively bad writing. There’s a scene where Bryce Dallas Howard “ice skates” on oil and I had to wonder if I was being punished for a past sin. It’s also entirely too long. There is nothing redeeming about this movie. It’s not worth learning who the real Agent Argylle is, despite that actually being the only genuine surprise.

  • Sanctuary


    Very different from what I expected based on the premise. It looks really nice and I liked the Abbott/Qualley pairing. The rest just did not work for me.

  • Election


    Mr. Novotny really said “fuck them kids”

  • Rob Peace

    Rob Peace

    Didn’t think I’d jam with this as much as I did. What you think is going to be an inspiring story of a young man who makes it out of a tough situation, quickly turns to tragedy as he’s forced to make decisions that could turn him back to a life he was meant to leave behind.

  • Love Me

    Love Me

    Will undoubtedly draw comparisons to WALL-E, at least in the first 20 minutes. Appreciated the practical effects, but this just sort of did nothing for me. Played like a poor adaptation of a Don Hertzfeld short.

  • Love Machina

    Love Machina

    I once brought up the concept of uploading your consciousness into a robot to my parents and they were so incensed they talked to me for like an hour about how I was trapped in the matrix and all this other extemporaneous shit. I wasn’t serious, I mean I kinda was, but please. This documentary touches on the subject, but I’m not convinced. It’s more about Martine and her accomplishments — inventing satellite radio and creating the company that built…

  • Dualipafiji and Luis Passionate lovemaking 20 minutes

    Dualipafiji and Luis Passionate lovemaking 20 minutes


    I’m really surprised that the Sundance programmers selected this for the short film section. You could really tell there’s a real passion between the two leads, as if they were real life lovers. The tasteful camerawork only adds to the heat of desire and tragic heartbreak. I hear a feature-length version is in the works. If done with the amount of care the short was, it could be a real contender for the Academy Awards. Dualipafiji, Luis and Oscar passionate lovemaking 20 min: The Movie, you feel me?

  • Handling the Undead

    Handling the Undead

    Bought as barebones as the soulless husks that rise from their graves. While I’m glad it doesn’t really veer into the usual zombie movie tropes, it’s far too slow without any sort of character development or building for my taste. It doesn’t even seem to be interested in exploring what’s happening, which is conveyed through the characters not even questioning the dead bodies of their loved ones turning up back at home. If this happened to me, I’d be very scared and I would not be cuddling up to a carcass.

  • Thelma


    I’d program this as a double feature with The Beekeeper. Seriously. This sheds light on a very serious scam going around with spoofed numbers and voices of loved ones saying they’re in very serious trouble. Thelma Squibb is a joy to watch as a 90-year old grandmother scammed, scorned — and inspired by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Fallout — to prove to her family she’s not an invalid and to take back what was stolen. Genuinely hilarious and heartfelt.