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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    (Warning: While there are no specific spoilers, I do spend some time discussing the overall arc of the film; this movie’s hardly a mystery anyway but still, be warned).

    Requiem for a Dream was director Darren Aronofsky’s second film to hit theaters back in 2000 and has proven to be, following the general trend of his career, a fairly divisive film. Some hail it as the definitive look into drug addiction, while others criticize it as an aggressively unsubtle film,…

  • mother!



    I had never seen an Aronofsky film before going to see Mother yesterday, and so while I wasn't quite sure what to expect I did kinda expect to hate it given that my preference tends to be towards films with a more conventional storytelling structure. However, I must say that I found this movie fascinating. Rather than over the top confusing, the central allegory is actually rather blunt, while still containing some pieces that I don't quite understand the significance…

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  • Stronger



    Fully competent, but overall unremarkable biopic. Gyllenhaal is great as usual, and Tatiana Maslany is also really good (hadn't seen her in much before but I was quite impressed). For much of this movie I felt as if Jeff was a bit underdeveloped as a character (with lots of the focus being placed on those around him) but Stronger does, in the end, have a few really scenes towards the end of the film that do him justice.

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    An effective slow burn mystery, Wind River is executed extremely well and boasts strong performances and direction. While this movie isn't particularly original or inventive at all, it does succeed at what it sets out to do well- in that regard it's very similar to the other films Sheridan has written, Sicario and Hell or High Water. Some particular highlights were Elizabeth Olsen, the flashback scene, and the score (as well as Sheridan's aforementioned direction).