Iron Man ★★★

After watching Endgame, this feels a million years old. 

It’s hard to consider any of the MCU films on their own merits because they are inherently a part of a larger story. And I understand the appeal of that as well as the necessity of accepting it in order to enjoy them even individually. But I guess I was a casualty on the long road to Endgame.

All that aside, it’s interesting to me that I’ve always really liked RDJ’s Tony Stark even though the Iron Man movies tend to be the least exciting ventures in the MCU—for me, at least. This first one is easily the most politically & ethically charged, and it’s a shame that those complexities don’t get to play out more before the obligatory action piece at the end that always tends to feel like a premature punctuation on the story.

But the best thing I can say about this entry in the MCU is that, although I probably won’t revisit this movie for a long time, I imagine I’ll be glad to see it again when I do.

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