Captain Marvel ★★★

Captain Marvel is an absolutely entertaining ride that somehow manages to also be absolutely forgettable. Marvel could've made this film 100% more unique if they had fully leaned into the retro aesthetic and sound, but unfortunately, Captain Marvel provides hints of this without delivering. For example, the score has wonderful tinges of 80s electronic video game music, but that inspired touch constantly gets overwhelmed by the basic orchestral score that is present in every other Marvel film. Brie Larson starts off stiff but ultimately gives a charming performance, and I'm excited to see such a phenomenal actress integrated into the MCU. The comedy is excellent, and the special effects are some of the best that the MCU has to offer, but a muddled, predictable plot and blandly choreographed fight scenes that completely lack style add up to a film that feels rushed. Even though this review sounds mostly negative, I have to admit that I was grinning throughout. So I guess I would recommend this movie even though it offers nothing special or new.

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