Saw ★★★

I was hoping this would be another pleasant surprise like Jeepers Creepers was earlier this month but alas it was just ok

The directing was weird and the editing was completely mental. I can admire the attempt to establish their own unique aesthetic but I’m not sure it worked for me.

Also it felt like the movie was kinda insulting my intelligence a lot at points? Like they didn’t trust us to put the pieces together so they just kept flashing back to the same scenes over and over again? Like...I get it, Adam took his picture in the parking lot. Please stop showing it to me.

But there was some stuff I liked. Some of the deaths were ones I still remembered from when I first saw parts of this years and years ago, because they were so memorably creative and twisted. The scenes where Gordon and Adam were kidnapped were pretty scary, the third act was tense, and the ending, while featuring an exceptionally silly twist (complete with more unnecessary flashbacks 😒) was still effective as heck!

It would be interesting to imagine what this movie would be like if James Wan made it today, because I feel like he’s improved a lot. As it is now, I’m more excited to check out the sequels and see what kinda wacky gross shit they can throw at me.

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