• Elvis



    Baz Luhrmann my maximalist king you will always be famous

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    My first time seeing David Lynch’s work on the big screen. There was message from him at the beginning endorsing the restoration and it was so cool to be surrounded by other Lynch fans who were as enthused about it as I was. ❤️

    From the second the opening credits started playing I got chills. The 4K restoration looks and sounds phenomenal. I never know how to talk about his work because it’s always just so overwhelming for me, but…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not everythinggg about this worked for me, but the stuff that did was so cool and inspired for the MCU. I had heard that it felt more like a Raimi movie than expected but I was still surprised by how gnarly it got at times.

    Some of my fav moments include:

    -Wanda announcing herself as the villain in her first scene and burning/impaling dozens of people to death in her second
    -Wanda snatching people through puddles before crawling out of…

  • X



    Imagine living in the same decade that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out and still choosing to spend your time in rural Texas, could never be me.

    Anyway, this was a fucking blast. Looked great, sounded great. It was campy, sexy, funny, scary, and even strangely poignant at times (that Landslide scene? 😔). Loved the whole cast and was especially happy to see Brittany Snow here! She doesn’t pop up often enough and this movie was a great example of…

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    It’s a Lynch film so I’m gonna need to give it some time to marinate before I feel confident in saying anything about what I think it’s about, but no artist’s body of work is quite as compelling for me as Lynch’s. The vibes were ASTOUNDING

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    If this is a parody of Halloween H40/Halloween Kills and the sort of conservative vibe they give off, it’s kind of amazing. Every scene with Sally was absolutely hilarious to me, and I can’t think of any other explanation for them than this. She really showed up and did nothing but further endanger everyone else, all to yell “SAY MY NAME” at a non-verbal, mentally impaired man who could not care less about her, before being chainsawed in half and…

  • Halloween



    I first saw this when I was 12 years old and even then I was pretty convinced that I could have written a better Halloween movie than this. I keep hoping that when I rewatch this I’ll finally see what some others seem to but I just feel like this revisionist narrative that Zombie’s Halloween movies are some misunderstood gems will perplex me for the rest of my days.

    I don’t know how it’s even possible to make a Halloween…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Characters were thinly drawn and I think it’s definitely more style over substance but when a movie looks and sounds this good and flows this well from one stunning set piece to another I find it really hard to care!

    Edgar Wright has never made a movie that I haven’t had an absolute blast watching and I’m glad that in spite of the mixed reception that streak hasn’t been broken here!

    ATJ’s cover of Downtown will be living in my head rent free for a while now ☺️

  • Halloween: Resurrection

    Halloween: Resurrection


    Laurie just had to be sure that the man wearing a michael Myers mask who’s chasing her through the sanitarium with a bloody butcher knife is ACTUALLY Michael Myers.

    She also seemed to think that after he’d been shot about a dozen times (including in both of his eyes), blown up, and stabbed a bunch, that all they really needed to do to kill him was drop him off a small building, okay girl!

    This movie is mostly terrible but…

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

    Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


    Pretty fascinating to see how spectacularly these sequels managed to fuck up the Michael Myers mask, and this may be the worst one yet. I can’t believe how clearly visible his eyes and the area around them were pretty much the entire time, and I REALLY don’t understand why there’s a shot where it’s blatantly cgi’d in (and looks fucking insane).

    But!!! I actually like the characterization of Laurie a LOT more here than in the latest movies, and think…

  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


    Camp surrealist masterpiece I think

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


    This was a pretty fascinating rewatch. I saw this as a kid and was completely traumatized by it. I remember being really touched by Tina and Jamie’s relationship and so terrified for both of them the whole time. I definitely remembered a lot of scenes that didn’t actually happen, but this was probably my first Halloween movie and was the reason for my (sometimes debilitating lol) childhood fear of Michael. So, pretty important movie in this horror lover’s upbringing.