Hereditary ★★½

Toni Colette and Gabriel Byrne are in top form and the dread and menace are well wrought. I’m afraid the disturbing-twisted-haunted-supernatural-horror genre just isn’t for me. More pointedly: @AriAster: First this, then 2019’s Midsommer, have you purged yourself of the ritualistic human sacrifice fetish?!? This is on the Mental list for all the wrong, exploitative reasons, as this thoughtful review helps elucidate:

“The message of this movie is deeply regressive. It’s almost folkloric in its conception of mental illness and fate. We've come a long way in understanding illness. This film seems to be a needless step backward, into the oldest trope in horror. It's a beautiful package but a nasty present… What a sick sense of humor Aster has.”

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