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  • Anon



    Two stars for the sleek sets, starkly gorgeous scenery and the acting (I mean, they can still act even in a bomb movie).

    Yes, this was a bomb movie. Not "da bomb" (which is great) and not "oh, bruh, that was a bomb ass movie" (which is also great). No. This was bomb as in it bombed. Tanked. Bad. Boooooooo.
    It's bad because it's not even an anticipating slow burn to a satisfying build up. It's just slow. It slogs…

  • Romans



    The aggressive hammer-in-hand poster art (like an earthier John Wick) does not reflect the more profound nature of this film, but the original title ("Romans") does fit. The title, based on a specific Bible scripture you'll later find out in the film, is more thought-provoking than the title "Retaliation".
    There are hints of retaliation in this film that never gets fully realized and I mean that in a good way because the end of the film (without giving away any…

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  • The Lost City

    The Lost City

    I never or VERY HARDLY ever write anything on Letterboxd if I haven't seen the film, yet, but I am SO MUCH looking forward to watching this new gem!
    Sandra is fantastic in her dramatic roles, but it is so great to see her back in a hilarious role because she's so awesome at that, too. Rest of the cast looks stellar, too! I always feel like Channing might be a megaton jerk in real life, but still can't resist…

  • Halloween


    Very awesome to see Jamie Lee Curtis, again. She's always an at once nostalgic and very current presence! She gives her all in any performance.

    Despite this being the gazillionth Halloween film (it's like Elizabeth Taylor's many marriages or like the endless Final Fantasy games) this Halloween entry actually has a level of interest and excitement in this tense, gruesome cat & mouse game. The background story on Micheal was also a useful addition.

    For me (and for many) the most…