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  • Christine



    "So. Now. In keeping with the WZRB policy, presenting the most immediate and complete reports of local blood and guts, TV-30 presents what is believed to be a television first. In living color, an exclusive coverage of an attempted suicide."

    I've gotta admit, this wasn't the Christine (1983) prequel I was expecting about before she became a car, but I'll sure as hell take it!

    You may have seen multiple online videos, essays or posts on the tragic life (and…

  • The Zero Theorem

    The Zero Theorem


    "The Church of Intelligent Design reaches out to that special you."

    I'm just going to say it outright, first things first; I utterly adore Terry Gilliam and his beautiful, beautiful filmmaking. In fact, he's created at least five of my favourite films of all time, which is really impressive in itself! To sum things up, everything he makes is pretty much a combination of these things; fairy-tales, Doctor Seuss on LSD, George Orwell's 1984, early trick-films and the work of…

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  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    Finishing up the beloved Scream saga of meta-slasher flicks, I return to the franchise with Wes Craven's final film, Scream 4. And boy, this is truly how you end a slasher franchise.

    Scream 4 is the finale this series deserves. This time tackling the codes and conventions of slasher movie remakes and horror in the post-9/11 world, Scream 4 is arguably as witty a film as the first one, albeit the fact that the first will always be my favourite.…

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    "Are you a simpleton?"

    Okay, so I heard a lot of rave reviews about Bird Box as a movie, and the amount of popularity it has received is almost mind-blowing, so naturally, I felt I should check it out. For a Netflix Original with little-to-no outsider advertising or press buzz, it seems like this one has just mysteriously passed on like some form of contagion or wildfire onto anybody and everybody who hears about it. So, yeah, I watched it,…