Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★★

Y'all are gonna call me a Disney shill for this, but honestly if Disney was willing to pay me, I'd be able to afford a new camera and microphone. (Also Bounty Hunter movie when because honestly let's admit those characters deserve development...)

Eitherways, a real great fun movie and a pleasant surprise! I'm really liking the direction that these spin-off Star Wars movies are taking and honestly, this felt far more like the type of Star Wars flick that I know and love than The Last Jedi (not to knock that movie, imo it was pretty great but that's just my controversial opinion). Also Childish Landino is in it and I love him.

Why is Star Wars of all things such a magnet of hate right now? Is that what Luke or Han or Leia would have really wanted? (I mean, Han maybe...)

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