Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★★

"Don't ever apologise for being the smartest one in the room."

I normally keep these Marvel reviews short and sweet, not only because Marvel movies tend to mean a lot to me, but also because they tend to mean a lot to a large amount of people, and as such I wanna allow people to go and make their own experiences watching them. The MCU is kinda this generation's big cinematic phenomenon and as such I wanna allow people to be able to tell their own stories about these films, so sorry for my weird simple review here that I'm about to write! I guess an exception for this was Infinity War and Endgame considering that those reviews were about my personal experiences with the MCU as event films, but nonetheless, here you go.

In brief, Spider-Man: Far from Home is not just a brilliant sequel, but also an amazing movie in general. As with Ant-Man and the Wasp, this is one of those sequels to an already good little stand-alone movie that expands upon and develops the former into something truly special with the freedom given by the success of the original entry. If Spider-Man: Homecoming presented itself as a John Hughes-style coming-of-age movie, Spider-Man: Far from Home is a movie which shows our characters, having come of age, now coming to terms with the responsibilities of young adulthood. Though I already highly enjoyed the characters introduced in Homecoming, the way in which they are expanded upon here makes them so much more lovable and empathetic; I could imagine hanging out with and being friends with these protagonists easily! Jake Gyllenhaal is also understandably a highlight of the movie, but you knew that already. The action is entertaining and probably some of the most effective shown in the MCU to date (particularly outside of an Avengers movie), and this film boasts some impressive SFX to boot! This is a movie which does deal with a lot of serious and emotionally heavy concepts, but it deals with them in a typical Spider-Man way, with a healthy dose of humour and quirky character. I highly recommend this one for all Spider-Man and Marvel fans out there, although most of you have probably seen it by now!

Probably the most satisfying part, however, is how this movie deals with its placement in the Marvel timeline. Avengers: Endgame was an event like no other, one which shook the world of film, and people (myself included) were understandably worried that this next film would pale in comparison to the previous entry, especially as my favourite superhero movie (period), Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, came out only last year with the same hero as its main protagonist. The thing is, Far from Home's plot is entirely based around this idea: the feeling that you can't quite live up to the heroes that came before you. Whether intentionally or not, Spider-Man: Far from Home is a heartfelt and funny epilogue to this first era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a hopeful prelude towards the future of Marvel for the foreseeable future. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, I know you're up there watching us, and I hope we've done you proud.

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