Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

I would just like a movie with a female lead who is an engaging character because of her personality and not the surrounding circumstances, then we might actually begin to see a shift in better representation in media due to the fact that women are more than the terrible things that happen to them as well as their friends. Imagine if joker (bad example) was just about a guy who was really upset because his friend didn’t get into clown college. Really muddled view of the character and her actions, the movies neither wholly committed to either 1.) Cassie’s actions are actively destroying her and should be condemned by the viewer even though the character sees her pursuit of “justice” as noble or 2.) girlboss. Was hoping to see a tonal shift after the plot twist in the 3rd act to see a separation from the glitzy and pop presentation of revenge, but the music remains non-diegetic, the camera remains perfectly squared up and the colors remain bright as ever. Ending with a “winky face text message” and shitty downloadable premiere transition really ties it all together.

Oscar watch party is off to a bad start.

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