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This is a film where I don't know what to write about. I imagined I would have a lot to say for a 13-hour film, but I threw away all my notes I originally wrote. They were useless, meaningless. Everything I wrote was stupid and later contradicted by stuff that happened later. I didn't know any better.

Perhaps I made the mistake of watching daily rather than try to watch it all in one day or two. Anything that frustrated me initially become clearer during a future episode. The film is broken up into 8 episodes of approximately 90-100 minutes each. After watching one boring episode, all I could think of was how boring it was. But had I watched everything in its entirety back to back, I'm certain I would have had a much better time. Thankfully I had faith in Rivette, and I was awarded with pure cinematic experience.

Out 1 is simple yet more convoluted than a David Lynch film. It's simple until it becomes complicated all of a sudden. It happens so fast, you won't know what to think. The more you watch, the more complicated it becomes until it climaxes in the final two episodes. Immediately I had the desire to rewatch (I would if it weren't 13 hours long!).

Jacques Rivette's Céline and Julie Go Boating is what brought us Mulholland Drive, and I'm certain Out 1 is what brought us Twin Peaks. But be warned, because it's a long and (probably) boring ride, until you're entranced and enthralled by the mysteries and all the characters. It's a life-changing experience, just like La Belle Noiseuse was for me.

I hope the 4-hour Out 1: Spectre will be just as good.

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