The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

I remember being enthralled by watching this in 2014.

Rewatching it again because I miss it.

Truly, one will either feel peculiar and hate this or fell in love and be addicted to it. Of course, I'm on the latter.

If this is a meal, I'll certainly say that this is a full course meal. I was deeply satiated with the colors, production value, and dead pan jokes.

Some would argue that Wes works are entirely/purely aesthetic. I absolutely disagree. Every frame with the characters especially their clothes, their environment, their choice of words, and even the background (of course) has a freaking meaning.

If you are dining with him, Wes does not want to spoon fed you the fruit. He wants you to open it up yourself. Get a knife, a plate, a spoon or even a fork.

Elucidately speaking: He wants you to think.

Ugg. Now I can't wait for French Dispatch!

My goodness, Tilda what can't you do?

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