The Master

The Master ★★★★

Probably not my favorite PTA work.
To be clear,I have yet to see all of his films and as of now, Phantom Thread is my current love, so this rating may change if I decided to rewatch this.

To begin with, we all know that liking a PTA film is an acquired taste. You don't get to watch any of his films without pacing out and question 'what the hell was that?'.

His films transcends human idealogies, really. You need to decipher every characters by looking it as a therapist (kidding) or as a person who has been troubled too in the past or in the present. (because all of his main protagonists are in emotional wreckage who can't utter a single word why) So, you as a viewer had to figure it out. It's like a game. I think if you watch this multiple times, you get new things to ponder why.

Well, I love the cinematography. PTA never fails to deliver that and his choice of music. I'd have to say, I like this because it's very intriguing. It was like an aberration from the usual plot. His works are the melange of art (use of colors and music) and acting (of course).

And also, I'm terribly attracted to Joaquin. Wow.

Rest In Peace, Philip Seymoir Hoffman. You gave your best in every act.

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