Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★


Well.. what can I say? This is the movie who made me find out about the greatest actor of our generation, the most handsome man on the planet, the new Leo DiCaprio, the one and true artist cinema books will talk about for ages... THE ONE AND ONLY TIMOTHÉE HAL CHALAMET.

I still remember the first time I saw this wonderful piece of poetic cinema. January 31, 2018. 
It was Winter but I remember feeling like It was Summer. I felt like I was completely with them, with Elio and Oliver. Their story entered in both my heart and my soul. Their love felt so truthful, so real, so fragile and yet so powerful. Besides, nothing could ever be compared to the atmosphere of this movie. Everything was perfect. Every single little detail expressed their love, their passion, their desire, their pain. 
Guadagnino really managed to reach perfection with this gem. Every performance is outstanding, the characters are all well written and they deliver the best lines ever and the cinematography is so fucking gorgeous It was a crime that It didn’t win an Oscar. I mean the location is crucial in this movie. The little Italian city where Elio and Oliver fall in love is a huge part of their story and the brilliant directing make us feel that too. Indeed, when we watch this movie It’s impossible not to feel part of their story, It’s impossible not to feel right there in that huge villa, in that beautiful garden, on a bike running around those little Italian streets with them. It’s impossible not to feel their story on your own skin. 
So I wanted to thank both James Ivory and Luca Guadagnino for this perfectly accurate depiction of first desire, youthful fear and heartbreaking pain. I think we can all relate to this movie, cause we all have had someone who turned our all world upside down, someone who gave us the greatest joy and the most terrible pain at the same time, someone we wish we would have called by our name.

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