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  • Loves of a Blonde
  • Mirror
  • Husbands
  • Orgosolo’s Shepherds

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  • Ikarie XB 1


  • Italianamerican


  • Miniatures: Many Berlin Artists in Hoisdorf


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  • Owen's

    Owen's "Like It's Summer" Album: The "Like It's Summer" Official Motion Picture Experience by Owen

    Owen provides his eclectic new album, "Owen's "Like It's Summer" Album", with an inventive and playful visual companion.

    Bookended with rigid cityscapes and filled with overgrown landscapes, Owen structures this "Motion Picture Experience" as a web of music videos for his unconventional songs. Each segment having a distinct, yet cohesive, style and visual language that recontextualizes the sounds and noises heard throughout its associated piece.

    This shit contains some seriously face-melting moments, particularly the segments for Construction and Rock Song.

    I can't wait to see what Owen does next.

    Watch here:

  • You Shouldn't Leave Here

    You Shouldn't Leave Here

    This is now available right here. Check it out if you want!

    Big thanks to the Fisura International Festival of Experimental Film for giving me a platform and a space to premiere this work. Check them out right here!