The Cabin in the Woods ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Again, watched for College class.

To me this is a fantastic concept but an average execution. I understand the whole metaphor n shit - we the audience are the gods, the facility is the directors and the teenagers are the actors however i just think tonally, the dialogue, the cinematography, the use of special effects, the writing, basically what makes this film what it is, could’ve been a lot better.

It could’ve been a really cool exploration into the horror genre but it’s written pretty poor in my opinion and whilst constantly coming close to proving that it’s truly a unique film it ends up proving it’s absolutely ridiculous (the final 10 seconds are just so god dan bad). If they had the balls to make it more drama/thriller focused whilst still sprinkling its satirical comedy throughout and looked at the likes of The Truman Show which perfectly executes its similar concept it could’ve been really good. Instead it’s a one time - oh ahah that’s clever yeah i get that nice concept. In other words relies too much on the whole concept and metaphor and forgets to tell an actual engaging story.

It really makes me think someone could’ve wrote this film a lot better, heck i feel like i could even give it a go (not in a snobby way, just feels like an interesting activity for a film that has a good concept but yet has flaws, also apparently this film was written in one weekend so...). 

The way i judge a film like this on the grounds “is this ridiculous and a load of shite or is it something special” is i imagine my mums reaction watching it and i can imagine my mum saying “what a bunch of shite” at the end. 

I don’t usually replay scenes in films when i’m watching them all the way through as i like the illusion that im almost at the cinema or something idk but i couldn’t help myself replaying that dirt bike scene, haven’t had a good laugh like that in a while.

Edit: rereading my review i’ve realised that i call it ridiculous a lot which of course it’s supposed to be it’s a satire but beyond that i still thought it was ridiculous.