Yi Yi ★★★★★

Really beautiful stuff. This is a fantastic film. It’s a really stunning and low-key family drama that I think does an amazing job at making you care about each character. Each of them have distinct and emotionally compelling stories. I won’t lie and say I didn’t relate to the sentiments of some of them but my point still stands. This is a really quiet, reflective and contemplative film. There’s some heartwarming moments but there are also some really heartbreaking moments. The film looks fantastic. There’s some really interesting camerawork. Especially in Yang’s use of reflection both visually and thematically. I also like the absence of music for the most part too. It allows for the writing and performances to really shine. 

Overall, this was really wonderful. It may seem a tad daunting with its 173 minute runtime but it’s well paced so it doesn’t feel it. It’s a contemplative and slow film but it’s never boring. It feels weird to start diving into Edward Yang’s films with his final film but this honestly doesn’t feel like a swan song in a sense. This is a moving, beautiful and excellent film. Highly recommended.

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